Reviewer Guidelines


Manuscripts submitted for publication will be initially assessed by the editors and then sent out for double blind review to two reviewers, selected for their expertise in the subject area, theoretical approach and/or research methodology. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the article regarding its interest to our readers, its presentation and its contribution to the field using appropriate research methods, and its development of theories relevant to home language research.

For Full Papers, we need to ensure that there is sufficient information provided about the purpose of the study or the research question/s, the research context including the participants, the theoretical approach adopted and the methodology. The results should be presented and discussed in a clear and complete (and, where appropriate, concise) manner.

Reviewer’s comments

Please comment under each of the following headings. Indicate your assessment of each as excellent, satisfactory, unsatisfactory or not applicable. Please also write comments to explain your assessment to the author/s so that they might improve their papers.


Complete, coherent and well-structured presentation with sufficient signposting to guide the reader. Careful proofreading can be expected before submission.


Clear description of the problem and why it is significant.


Clear presentation of how the research is relevant to the field of home language research.


An original contribution to the field of home language research.

Theoretical framework

Application of a relevant theoretical framework (if appropriate).


Appropriate research design and presentation of research context and participants.


Accurate and appropriate presentation and interpretation of the results or findings.


Relationship of the problem and the findings to previous research.


Effective conclusion presenting the implications of the results for home language research or practice.

Final recommendation scale

Please make a recommendation using one of the terms below.

Accept submission

The manuscript only requires minor or no changes/revisions.

Revisions required

Revise and resubmit (minor revisions). This manuscript will require a moderate amount of revision before it is ready for publication. You have listed the changes in your review. The manuscript will not be sent back to you for further review; you leave it up to us to approve the changes.

Resubmit for review

Revise and resubmit (major revisions). This manuscript will require a significant amount of revision before it is ready for publication. You have listed the changes in your review. After the manuscript’s resubmission, we will send it out for a second round of review. You may be asked to review the manuscript again.

Decline submission

This manuscript should be rejected and author(s) should not be invited/encouraged to resubmit it to the Journal of Home Language Research. You have given your reasons in your review.

See comment

Specific and detailed comments to the editors should be included in the review if it is not possible for you to use one of the above categories.

Reviewing resubmissions

Generally, we will ask reviewers to review any resubmissions. This is easier for authors and improves consistency in our response to authors.